Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ for His love and blessings which have enabled GBI Ekklesia church to serve God’s congregation in the Denpasar area, and in particular Sesetan, for the past 16 years. This ministry began with the founding of a Bible Study Group called GBI Sinai Denpasar in 1990 by pastors Mr. and Mrs. Yusak Ayus. In 1992, GBI Sinai collaborated with GBI Sulung which was situated on Jl. Sulung Sekolahan no. 8 Surabaya.  Located at Jl. Arjuna Gg II/6 Denpasar, GBI Sinai was officially founded on July 25th,1993.

With the leading of our Lord Jesus Christ, GBI “Sinai” experienced rapid growth in its ministry from its original one-person service. On July 21st 1996, GBI “Sinai” changed its name to GBI “Ekklesia”, and relocated to rental premises at Jl Raya Sesetan/Cenigan Sari No 2A Denpasar Selatan. As the lease was over in early May 2005, GBI “Ekklesia” relocated to Jl Tegalwangi Gang Batako No 6 Sesetan, Denpasar. As before, the church was built on rental premises.


As a matter of fact, the church has always been built on leasehold land. Despite the fact that the congregation had spent a lot of money to build the church building, when the lease was over, the building became the landlord’s property. This led us to the conclusion that the church should be built on our own land.

Besides the lease issue, another ground for owning a church’s property immediately is that the next generation may settle down and have no worry of where to build the next church  as land in Denpasar is so limited that its price increases very rapidly.


To purchase a block of property to build a permanent church that accommodate and support the congregation’s activities both now and into the future.


  • Raising funds through sending proposal to sponsors, collecting funds from the church’s elders and congregation.
  • Surveying a number of land blocks around Sesetan, Denpasar.


  • The price of land is increasing rapidly as it becomes more scarce.
  • About 80 per cent members of the congregation are of low economic class.


Considering the facts mentioned above, we wish that God may move your heart to support us both in prayers and fund-raising. May God be glorified in everything we do. Amen.

Denpasar, October 2012


Pdt. Yusak Ayus      Baik Sihombing

Pastor        Leader of elders


Exalted Shepherd  : Jesus Christ, The Lord

Pastor    : Pdt. Yusak Ayus / Lo Hok Joe

Vice Pastor   : Pdm. Anny Ayus

Secretary I   : Indrajaya Ginting

Secretary II   : Made Titien Wahyuni

Treasurer I   : Endang Pasaribu

Treasurer II   : Pdp. Taman Muliana

Elders :

1. Baik Sihombing    9. Pdm Alfrido Tampubolon

2. Putu Dana    10. Indrajaya Ginting

3. Adi Sujatmiko    11. Pdp Taman Muliana

4. Dwi Prasetyo    12. Endang Pasaribu

5. Yohanes Widodo   13. Eni Rusita

6. I Wayan Yudi Suwanda  14. Eka Ningsih

7. Matius Bulu    15. Wahyuni

8. Krisriono     16. Made Titien Wahyuni

Departement Leaders :

  1. Men Group   : Baik Sihombing
  2. Women Group  : Endang Pasaribu
  3. Youth Group  : Nixon Nababan
  4. Adolescent Group : Pdm Alfrido F. Tampubolon
  5. Sunday School Group : Indrajaya Ginting


Man in charge : Pastor   [0361-8075975; 081338773277]

Leader  : Baik Sihombing  [0361-8002614; 081337175554]

Secretary  : Indrajaya Ginting [081916648280]

Treasurer  : Wahyuni   [081338647265]

Fund-raising Team :

Coordinator  :  Alex Simanjuntak [08123687395]

Members  :

–  Putu Dana            [0361-244719]

–  Adi Sujatmiko   [0361-2735574 ; 085239189400]

–  Dwi Prasetyo   [082147958808]

–  Yohanes Widodo   [08174783581]

–  I Wayan Yudi Suwanda  [081805665693]

–  Matius Bulu    [081916274470]

–  Krisriono    [081999728292]

–  Wendy    [081805450788]

–  Yanto Manja   [081337497026]

–  Alexander Adu   [087860744263]

–  Charly Butar-butar   [081362131495]

–  Mikhael    [085237192958]

–  Rudin     [0361-7433317]

–  Pdm Alfrido Tampubolon  [0361-8027488 ; 081337169700]

–  Pdp Taman Muliana  [0361-7414489]

–  Endang Pasaribu   [08123687394]

–  Eni Rusita    [0817569199]

–  Eka Ningsih    [0361-2083299 ; 085338544044]

–  Made Titien Wahyuni  [+6285737151516]


Land to purchase is 300m2. The survey showed that the land market is IDR 400,000,000/100m2. Thus 300m2 cost IDR 1,200,000,000.

Collected funds at present    : IDR      39,800,000,-

(of elders and the congregation)

Funds required      : IDR 1,160,200,000,-

Please would you be willing to support, transfer your fund to :

Bank   : BCA KCP Sesetan

Account No. : 7670350422

In the names of : LO HOK JOE or BAIK G F SIHOMBING


Jl. Tukad Tegal Wangi Gg Batako No. 6, Sesetan – Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Telp +62361 – 8075975


The proposal you are reading at the momment is a renewed one with this attachment enclosed.

We are so joyful and convinced that we work even harder as we have seen many miracles from God recently. For years, we have longed to own a block of land for us to praise and worship the Lord peacefully. So far we merely took our dreams in prayer to the Lord. However, in September 2012, we decided to take action by establishing a commitee/board to investigate purchasing the church’s property.

It took only four months after the board/committee establishment. When God saw that we had done something to make our dream come true, He worked before us. He touched the heart of the owner of the land that we rent to build our church on, that he came to us and offered to sell the land. We believe that there were miracles instead of coincidences that God has let happen recently; that God Himself had made the ways for them to happen.

Firstly, the land owner has some blocks of property he can sell. Despite selling other blocks, he put us on the top of his priority to offer the land to. He is hindu, yet he said he liked the church’s people. Secondly, the market of land is IDR 400,000,000/100m2, however, he allowed us to have it at IDR 350,000,000. Thirdly, in spite of the fact that the actual size of the land is 350m2, only 300m2 is taken into account that we are supposed to pay and we can have the rest of 50m2 for free. Fourthly, it is common that lands are sold  in lump-sum payment; we may get it by buying on credit that we should pay off in three phases in a year.

These miracles encourage us to believe that God is working with us. The land owner lovingly and willingly negotiated  to decrease our burden. This might only happen as the Holy Spirit touched his heart that the land owner has been making light of things for us in many ways. These unbelievable things for human are never impossible for God.

Through our efforts so far, we have been able to pay the first phase installment of Rp. 400,000,000,-. This was collected from these sources listed below:

  • Church Treasury     : IDR  279,950,000,-
  • Elders and Congregation    : IDR    45,550,000,-
  • Loans       : IDR    74,500,000,-

Total       : IDR  400,000,000,-

For the total funds needed of IDR. 1,050,000,000, a second payment of IDR. 350,000,000,- is required in July 2013 and a third and final payment of IDR. 300.000.000,- is required in  January 2014.

We have been undertaking various efforts to raise fund for the second and third payments. However, we are also knocking on the door of your heart to be burdened to support our church land purchasing. We pray and believe that God is faithful in His promises to bless you abundantly. Amen.


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